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There is a substantial traditional chemical industry in this Southern Zone of Gujarat state (Like- Ankleshwer and Vapi Asia biggest chemical Industrial Zone). In all these areas there are both large and small companies, all needing well qualified chemists.

Chemistry students finds numerous career opportunities in Industries like   Pharmaceutical, Dyestuff, Textiles, Petroleum, Agricultural products, food, fertilizers, cosmetics, aromatic products, Pulp paper, Rubbers, Plastics, Metal, Cements and many more.

Also, opportunities in Industrial QAQC, R&D and production departments.

Public works departments like water treatment, sanitary and Sewage treatment plants. Central and state government like ISRO, DRDO, BARC, Public Services.

Oceanography, Forensic Science, Geochemistry etc.

Teaching field (Schools, Colleges, Universities,).

Thus, Bhagwan Mahavir University has started a unique undergraduate course.

M.Sc. Organic Chemistry

The course aims at providing a comprehensive study of various branches of chemistry to develop a critical   and analytical approach to all major areas of the subject. The various papers in the all four Semesters are presented in such a way as to give the students a harmonious view of the subject followed by the specialization papers along with an Industrial/ Institutional project in all four semesters which is unique approach started by Bhagwan Mahavir University. The teaching methodology includes Lecture, demonstration, Seminars, Projects work & Presentations. The Course covers various thrust area from   Organic, physical, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry. Combined with other Frontiers like Green chemistry, combinatorial chemistry and QSAR to cater the need of   Modern Chemical Industries.

 Key Features : 

  • Highly Qualified, Dedicated and   hard-working faculties will build   good future of students.
  • Syllabus is prepared with the suggestion from academicians, & Industrial people.
  • Teaching methodology for development of future chemist through projects, seminars, presentation, group discussion and experimental learning.
  • Lectures will be delivering with both   Chalk and talk and LCD projector.
  • Teaching materials will be provided for ready reference in all subjects.
  • 100% placement opportunities.
  • Frequently organizing workshop, expert talk, seminars events and Industrial Visits.


Shift Intake
B.Sc. Chemistry 60
B.Sc. Physics 60
B.Sc. Environmental Science 60
M.Sc. Organic Chemistry 120
M.Sc. Environmental Chemistry 30
M.Sc. Botany 30
M.Sc. Zoology 30
B.Sc. mathematics 60
B.Sc. Botany 60
B.Sc. Zoology 60