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Anti-ragging and student council committee

Anti ragging committee is formed to prevent ragging and to create a harmonic environment in the premises of the college. To prohibit any conduct by any student or

Social Media Committee

The mission of the Social Media Committee (SMC) is to produce and promote Internet-based materials and resources to better showcase the activities and admission processes fo

Women Development Cell

These cells play an important role in voicing opinions on important matters that affect the daily life of women students. They provide a platform where students can com

Sports Committee

This committee is responsible for obtaining permission to hold sports events in the college campus. To conduct intra-oriented- college sports&nbs

Training and Placement Committee

Bhagwan Mahavir College of Architecture has formed Training & Placement committee on 10th January 2017  in guidance of principal. The committee will be respons

Discipline committee

The duty of the Discipline Committee is to ensure compliance with the provisions of COA/AICTE Regulations on curbi

SC and ST Cell Committee

The Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) Committee promotes the special interests of students in the reserved category. It is expected to provide inputs in ar

Exam Section Committee

The  Examination  committee  is  a body  of  the  Institute  which  is  headed  by Examinations In-Charge (E

ERP Committee

A Committee has been constituted to take care of ERP module of college. Which is an online platform for the conducting class, assigning assignent and maintaining details about the sudents,

Skill Development Committee

Skill Development Cell has been entrusted the responsibility to train youth by providing them skills through AICTE approved Colleges/Registered facilitators with object

Infrastructure Development and Maintenance Committee

The purpose of the Infrastructure Developemnt and Maintenance Committee is to broadly oversee the Institute’s physical assets: its land, buildings, and equip

Student Activity Committee

The goal of the committee is to provide leadership and assistance in developing student programs and other youth interested in range management. Objectives of the commi

Website Committee

The Website Committee serves in an oversight role for the BMCA website. As such, they maintain content, ensure the quality of the content, and administer the system and