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MSIA Happenings

Wall Painting Workshop

Start Date: 15-02-2021

End Date: 22-02-2021

MSIA organised a 7 days  workshop of wall painting under expert guidance of Artist Gajendra Majithiya, for the freshers and all other years students to have an idea about the working process of onsite working and the knowledge of scale and proportion along the development of eye sight for colours.

MSIA Happenings

Fabric and Pot Painting Workshop

Start Date: 15-10-2019

End Date: 18-10-2019

MSIA Happenings

Treasure Hunt

Start Date: 01-03-2021

End Date: 01-03-2021

MSIA Happenings

Professional Practice in Interior and Architecture- Webinar

Start Date: 24-04-2020

End Date: 24-04-2020

MSIA Happenings

Interior Styling- webinar

Start Date: 23-04-2020

End Date: 23-04-2020

MSIA Happenings

Clay Plate Painting Workshop

Start Date: 28-03-2019

End Date: 30-03-2019