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Seminar on "Motivation & Stenography" by I.T Department on 7th March 2022
Company Interaction Session organized by TPO Committee on 14th March 2022
Days Celebration at BMP
Industrial Visit at "WAAREE Energies Ltd." by EC Department on 21st April 2022
Technical visit of "traffic volume study" at Surat by Civil Department on 21st January 2022
Seminar on "Basic introduction of designing software in engineering" by Civil Department on 4th March 2022
Faculty Development Program on “Current and Future Trends of Design in Engineering” by Civil Department on 5th March 2022
Technical visit at "Surat Diamond Bourse" by Civil Department on 12th March 2022
Technical visit at "K. Girdhailal international Pvt. Ltd." by Civil Department on 25th March 2022
Technical visit at "Meterological Depatrment, Surat" by Civil Department on 28th March 2022
Webinar on “Android Technology” by I.T&Computer Department on 23th March 2021
Seminar on “Career Guidance And Future Scope Of Innovation And Startup In The Field Of Technology” by I.T&Computer Department on 1st October 2021
Innovative group discussion session on ” Break into Tech” by Computer Department on 9th March 2022
Expert Lecture on "Role of Artificial Intelligence In Real World" by Computer Department on 8th April 2022