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Dr. Ajay Kaushik


Welcome to Bhagwan Mahavir University!

It is indeed an honor to be a part of Bhagwan Mahavir University which has traversed a long distance in a short span of time by setting up new bench marks in the field of technical as well as professional education.

The rationale for the Bhagwan Mahavir University in Surat, Gujarat is to establish an institution of intern¬ational repute to create a global learning environment in the state, develop the state and national manpower to build the research and professional capacity in the state and create a reputation of the state in global map. This also enhances the visibility of the state in higher education at national and global level. Bhagwan Mahavir University is a multi-disciplinary University providing excellent environment conducive to learning, research and innovation. The University focuses on teaching methodology which lays stress on desired learning outcomes for students, in the form of knowledge and understanding skills.

The University is on the threshold of major thrust to achieving global leadership in higher education through various innovative thought processes.

Those who are in search of excellence and have set higher goals to climb ladder of success in life must join the University to explore new horizon of unlimited opportunities.

I invite all of you to experience the outstanding facilities at Bhagwan Mahavir University and be a torch bearer of the new generation and excel in all sphere of life.