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Bhagwan Mahavir University

Bhagwan Mahavir University is committed to inclusion and innovation in education through philanthropy and pioneering initiatives. Bhagwan Mahavir University provides world class education and empowering opportunities for all sections of society. As the world of business and job opportunities are changing rapidly, we are evolving to make our students not just job ready but also life ready, to help them see learning as a continuous process and to become future- ready professionals.

Bhagwan Mahavir University strongly believe in inculcating in our students the vital attitude of lifelong learning. Therefore, we provide our students with ample opportunities to develop self-motivation and creativity. The students are sensitized to a unique learning process where the self is seen as a creator and leader; as such an attitude will continue to yield much dividend throughout their lives. Our unique learning environment imbibes in students the importance of life building traits like dedication, commitment, hard work, reliability, sincerity, team spirit and transparency. We believe that education is the greatest enabler of social transformation and progress at all levels. We are also ever conscious of a University’s great role towards shaping mindsets and building character, which in turn build the Nation.

Bhagwan Mahavir University collaborate with the industry which gives faculty members and students an exciting opportunity to see their research work has real-world impact. Centralized skill development cell under “Center of Excellence” acts as an interface between the students, faculty, and the corporate world to initiate continuous interaction with the industry, sharing the industry experiences, understanding industry needs and providing the required support to the corporate world. Our students are well equipped to meet industry demands, goals and expectations and can become a great asset for an organization by taking any challenging assignments entrusted to them to their fullest expectation. Our focus is to groom young future leaders who are value driven human beings and competent professionals with deep passion for humanity, who will lead the world.

Why Join Us

  • Bhagwan Mahavir University is to be a one of its kind with a focus on research sector. The University will give equal importance to the research aspects of various academic offerings.
  • Research shall be carried out through dedicated Centres at the University which will address the research demands of the sector and will have best research facilities.
  • The academic curriculum of the University has been conceived in consultation with leading academicians who have provided their expertise and knowledge.
  • University is expected to have more than 20,000 students in campus by next year.
  • University will have academic alliances with international institutes / universities having expertise in engineering, sciences and architecture focused research and education.
  • Bhagwan Mahavir University shall focus on achieving the following Standards of Excellence, emphasizing on industry centric, research oriented and serving towards community development, as the University grow further year by year.